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If you like Lox then you will love our
Ruby Red Cold Smoked Salmon !

awardsTilgner’s cold-smoked Ruby Red Sockeye salmon also known as lox, is created by a labor intensive process of adding unique flavors to premium wild caught Alaskan Sockeye salmon. We use the old world method of dry salt brining followed by the introduction of special flavors from virgin olive oils, natural sweeteners and infusions with spirits of the Caribbean.

The fillets are then lightly cold smoked with Alaskan Alder and allowed to age gradually under refrigeration. They are then flash-frozen to guarantee freshness and quality. We have thirty five years of experience producing this fine gourmet product.

Art Tilgner originated our product in the mid 1970’s. So many folks who enjoyed this style of smoked salmon urged him to produce it commercially. His primary activity is marketing and quality control.

Winner of three 2014 “Symphony of Seafood” Awards