Alder Smoked Wild Alaskan Oysters-1 Dozen


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 The Tilgner’s source their oysters from the world-famous Kachemak Bay where oysters thrive in the icy and pure glacial fed salt waters off of the Kenai Peninsula coastline. Kachemak Bay oysters have sweet plump meat and are recognized by oyster lovers as the safest oysters in the marketplace due to the icy pure Alaska waters they are harvested from.

Tilgner’s oysters are smoked and frozen at the peak of freshness resulting in a delicate, juicy, alder smoked oyster.  They are wonderful on their own as a snack, or put back in their shell and served with accompaniments such as minced shallot, jalapeño, or ginger and citrus juice. We love to add them to pasta, rice, stews or chowders to add a rich smoked umami flavor.

Each vacuum packed frozen package includes one dozen smoked oysters.

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