Ruby Red Olde World Scottish Style
Cold Smoked Sockeye Salmon

After cultivating more than forty years of professional and personal relationships in the small towns and city hubs of Alaska, Dr. Art Tilgner reflects on the riches which only the natural world and discerning tastes can provide: “I can’t think of a better place or better people to be surrounded by, than I have been fortunate enough to enjoy.”

Pursuing his lifelong passion for adventure, Tilgner arrived in Alaska from Colorado as a young doctor in 1971. He quickly maximized the rugged lifestyle, becoming a pilot in order to reach the remote locales. As a flight surgeon whose career pre-dated many modern conveniences, he recalls missions into territory otherwise unreachable. Serving as a family physician in Cordova over many generations afforded a deep appreciation for the salmon harvest of Prince William Sound and the Copper River. He cites these fishing families as chief among his inspiration. He found their skill and intuition fascinating, and immersed himself in the seafaring lifestyle as a commercial fishermen braving the elements to harvest Alaska’s most premium salmon.

Tilgner’s maintains this intimacy with the sea and its bounty throughout the production process. From Alaska’s wildest coves come the raw elements, retaining he highest attention to quality throughout the unique handcrafted process. Expert dedication to premium salmon sourcing, same-day processing, and an exclusive cold smoking preparation produces the delectable salmon which is our hallmark. We pay above market rates to secure the freshest and finest catch, delivered within hours and prepped for those who insist on superior seafood. They are live-bled, with the pin bones removed by hand, and treated with premium salt, brown sugar, olive oil and Jamaican-distilled rum.

Kris Tilgner, a lifelong craftsman and himself a Journeyman electrician, envisioned the family’s crowd-pleasing product expanding into just such an endeavor as it has. The physical plant in Ninilchik was a labor of love as well, built from the ground up by his own hands. He credits his father with capturing their Old World Scottish dry-brining method, finished off after three days of meticulous preparation with a cold-smoking process. Small batches and attention to each detail are key to maintaining the integrity of Tilgner’s fillets. “It’s a boutique operation, by design. The nutrition is just unparalleled.”

For JoAnn Tilgner, the business is an extension of the devotion to her family which has defined her life for 41 years. JoAnn grew up in Cordova, Alaska and her parents earned their living commercial fishing in the region. Recently retired from a 25 year nursing career in Oncology, she relishes shifting her focus into full-time administrative mode. “I enjoy running the office, making sure our customers’ expectations are met and exceeded.”

Long prized by the world’s most refined consumers, caterers and restaurateurs, this boutique family business continues to grow in order to meet the market demand. From the daily catch to the final jewels, each handler is vital to the momentum which carries succulence to your table. With less than a dozen employees, Tilgner’s small batches are curated for immediate enjoyment.

Tilgner’s flagship lox has repeatedly earned awards among connoisseurs, including the Symphony of Seafood’s Grand Prize and recognition at Boston’s International Seafood Expo. Tilgner’s is privileged to preserve the legacy of Alaska’s finest culinary artisans and deliver an unmatched experience for discriminating palates.