Ruby Red Olde World Scottish Style
Cold Smoked Sockeye Salmon

Art Tilgner became an Alaskan in 1971 when he moved his family from Denver to Cordova to become the town doctor.  He was the only physician in the community.  He loved the fishing and hunting lifestyle. He has seen every corner of Alaska as a bush pilot.  Native style cold smoking of  salmon is a common practice throughout Alaska.   Art learned of the European style of cold smoking and experimented with ingredients and smoking techniques, finally developing a product he loved.  He shared his fish with many friends who urged him to produce it commercially.  Years later he moved to Deep Creek, Alaska and began building a cold smoke processing plant which is dedicated to the old world Scottish Style cold smoking. “We use only premium quality Sockeye Salmon from Cook Inlet and Prince William Sound.  Our Process is done by hand with great care.” Today Art and his family produce this special delight for the enjoyment of cold smoke salmon afficiaonados.